Massage Therepies
Trad Thai
Traditional Thai Massage
Medium to firm pressure Thai style massage without oil, combines various pressure points, bending & stretching techniques. An ideal way to increase energy and promotes general wellbeing.
Thai - Aroma
Thai Aroma Massage
Firm pressure for a massage that combines unique Thai & oil massage styles, helps release muscles with tension and tightness.
Aroma Oil
Aromatherpy Oil
Gentle to medium pressure massage, great for relaxing body and mind with your choice of specially blended aroma essential oil.
Foot Massage
Thai Foot Massage
Thai Foot massage uses hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles with lotion or oil. In addition to being a relaxing and energizing massage of the feet and lower legs, it delivers a form of light acupressure that impacts the entire body.
Head Massage
Head Massage
Head massage with warm coconut oil is great for relaxation, stress, tension and aiding sleep. Therapy also includes ears, neck, shoulders and upper arms.
Back, Neck and Shoulders
Anti Stress Massage
Back, Neck and Shoulders massage with medium to firm pressure in Thai style with oil to release tension in muscles.
Herbal Massage
Thai Herbal Compress
Medium to firm pressure Thai style massage with oil and then follow with the herbal compress , ideal for alleviating body aches and pains, It includes a deep relaxation oil massage.